Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

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Tattoos should be kept bandaged for at least 2 Hrs. Hand wash tattoo with antibacterial soap and warm water. If the tattoo contains a lot of color, it requires ice immediately after wrapping. You can use a brand new bag filled with ice to put on the wound, decreasing swelling so pours can constrict locking the your skin. After bathing or washing, do not use towels to dry, let the tattoo air dry because it contains a lot of bacteria and can lead to infection(do this for a period of 3 days). Apply antibacterial cream to the tattoo or Aquaphor for a period of 3 days as well, and beyond those 3 days , use a non scented lotion to keep tattoo moist. Aquaphor can be continuously used.

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Piercings After Care

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Rinse with a sea salt and Saline or distilled water solution 2 or 3 times a day, not including after everything you eat and/or smoke. No french kissing (making out) for a period of at least 2 weeks. Avoid hot sauce for about a week (it attracts blood to that area of the mouth and can cause profuse bleeding). DO NOT i repeat DO NOT constantly rinse mouth with listerine or scope or any other alcohol based mouth wash due to thinning of the blood preventing faster healing.

Body and/or surface piercings:
Rinse area 2 or 3 times a day, with a sea salt and saline or disilled water solution. Wash the area with antibacterial soap frequently and thoroughly. Do not use a towel to dry off,let the piercing air dry unless you have freshly unwrapped paper towels to dry with.Remember, Towels have a lot of bacteria and can cause infection! (Do so for 3 days) Use of gelatinous or creamy substances are prohibited due to attraction of clothing fibers or aerial pollution that can heal into the tattoo causing infection. Recommended Substances:
Blue Wave,H2Ocean,and Bactine